Our detailed and controlled logistics set us apart. Accuracy in warehousing, efficiency in shipping, and precision in distribution allow us to be both top-in-class partners and customer favorites—with over six million square feet of distribution center space and miles of sophisticated conveyor systems to keep it all moving. Plus, both international acquisitions and domestic real estate operations mean we’ve got the whole world covered.


Mobix is a Third-Party Logistics (3PL) provider designed to manage storage and fulfillment. From cost transparency to personalized account management, Mobix offers efficient and individualized logistics solutions to help companies grow. They make 3PL easy with strategic product warehousing, speedy shipping, easy billing, and a straightforward customer portal. Mobix prioritizes transparency and innovation so their partners can focus on what they do best—building an incredible business.

Real Estate

The Malouf Companies™ commercial and industrial real estate network comprises more than six million square feet of distribution center space, three corporate headquarters, and dozens of retail locations. With an aggressive expansion strategy and miles of corporate real estate, our footprint supports over 55 brands and businesses.

International Sales and LogisticsLocations: Canada, Caribbean, China, Columbia, European Union, Mexico, Philippines, South Africa, Thailand, Vietnam, United Kingdom

The international division of Malouf Companies™ expands the successful domestic model on a global scale. Malouf™ International focuses on the sales and logistics of accessible, high-quality home products in more than 60 countries—with packaging in over 30 languages. A diversity of in-house brands, private label programs, and OEM manufacturing supports hundreds of retail partners.